Chairman’s Message

Shri Bhagwanji Zala, he is a man with a vision to build up a new India. He wants to improve the quality of the education. Through education he wants to improve the society. He nurture the children in his institution like crops. He enriches the crops (children) with manure ( teachers) and produce ( empowered citizens) students.

Message from Chairman
Dear Parents, An education of the highest quality is the greatest gift that parents can give to their children. We, Global Vision International School (GVIS) are thriving to provide the expertise that shall help your kids to explore their calibre and know their hidden talents. Children in GVIS shall be encouraged to develop their instruments of knowledge by using all possible sources from modern technology to traditional methods and gain essential skills to be successful in whatever they choose to be.

Technology and innovation are going to be the key facilitators of success in future. Dream big, think big, experiment and be passionate in whatever you do. Challenge the norms, create new and make your identity. In today’s world, most of the things are only a click of button away, thanks to the fastest growing and changing digital revolution. But what we must not forget is that success cannot be gained only through this and it cannot be achieved instantly. It only comes with sheer hard work, dedication, pushing oneself beyond one’s capabilities, striving for excellence and making the best of opportunities. If you are passionate about something, then follow your passion and success will be yours.

Our commitment to the parents here in GVIS is to make the learning experience of their child to be Joyous and full of inquisitiveness and not a burden full of pressure and unhealthy competition.

On behalf of GVIS team, I welcome you to our school and assure our commitment to provide best learning experience.

Warm Regards,
Bhagwanji V. Zala